Meet Jeremy | The New Guy

Posted: 04/20/2015

Jeremy started working for HA Construction in March of this year. While he may be the newbie of the crew, we see him sticking around for awhile.

Jeremy moved from Florida to the Springfield area in August of 2014 to be closer to his parents. His dad was injured in an accident, so Jeremy brought his daughter to the area to be closer to her grandparents. He discovered the job opening with HA Construction and the rest, we hope, is history in the making.

“I do whatever they ask,” he says of his work for the company.  “We’ve done a wide variety since I’ve been here: hung ceilings, worked on some floors, poured concrete, hauled bricks…” But Jeremy likes the diversity of work and the opportunity to show his skills in several areas. His background is in framing, and he’s working in construction off and on for the last decade.

“I’ve worked for a few different people. Andy here has a good heart. I think he cares and he wants to do a good job. He’s definitely involved and it’s been a joy to work for him so far. Some places it’s a number syndrome where you’re just a person coming in to work – I’ve worked in other places where you go to talk to someone and they don’t even know your name. But when Andy stops by he’ll talk to you for awhile – he’s down to earth which is nice.”

Working on the master bedroom/bathroom addition has been Jeremy’s favorite project so far. “Other then the fact that for two days I had to haul all of this brick out of here by wheelbarrow to a trailer, which pushed the limits of what I like to do,” he jokes.  “But we got through it and it’s been great framing this. I know a little about that stuff so it’s been easy, and Nick and I get along pretty well so it’s just been smooth.”

What’s Jeremy’s favorite part of working for HA Construction so far? “Seeing it come together – from the ground up, the progress – and when it’s finished, that’s the coolest part.”