Meet Nick | HA Construction’s Framing Guy

Posted: 04/20/2015

Nick Lewis has been working for HA Construction for a little over four years now. He is our go-to framing guy, though he has a wide range of skills. Nick did custom house framing in California for 10 years before moving back to Missouri about five year ago – he had family here and was looking for a slower paced life than the California scene.

“Since working for Andy, I’ve learned a lot of different skills,” Nick says. The newest being laying hardwood floors;  he really enjoys laying tile flooring too. Every now and then, Nick fills in where he’s needed, but his framing work is unmatched in our books.

Nick says that it’s the variety of what HA Construction has to offer that makes the company stand out among competitors. “If you have a job that has a lot of different items that need to be done, we can cover it all. You don’t have to go to different contractors to get it all done. We can take care of it all and the projects don’t get dragged out – we’re efficient too. We pride ourselves on having good communication with the customers and making sure they’re informed on what we’re doing and our schedule.”

“Andy and Lisa are good people and it rubs off when you work for them,” Nick says. “Work is never an issue – Andy keeps us busy and there is definitely job security. It’s never mundane – we’re constantly doing something different. The job is always a surprise, to a point.”

One might say that last fall, Nick got the ultimate job site surprise. HA Construction acquired a job replacing over 600 windows in an apartment complex. Nick was in charge of the window project, and that’s how he met Heather, the office manager for the complex. Because of the nature of the job, the two of them worked together every day and soon started spending time together outside of the job site. On Valentine’s Day, Nick proposed and the two will be married in May of 2016. Talk about a job perk!

In his spare time, Nick is a radio-controlled gas powered racecar enthusiast. He’s pictured here with his nephew and all his racing gear. In 2013, he received forth place at the nationals in Texas, and he’s received various other trophies and awards with his racing skills. HA Construction is proud to be a sponsor for Nick’s car – we like seeing our decals on it, especially when he wins!