Copper is the New Black

Posted: 03/02/2015

Copper is nothing new. Estimations place its origins at approximately 9000 B.C. It was used for tools in Jordan, tubing in ancient Egypt, and jewelry in the Far East – which is obviously a very brief blip of its history of uses over time, including in the home.

Architects favor copper as a home accent in many respects because it ages beautifully. But homeowners are seeing those benefits more and more, resulting in more copper accents and home elements available. The International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas earlier this year reflected that, with many traditional accents now sporting a vintage style, dressed in copper.

In the Kitchen
Copper sinks provide a beautiful accent to your kitchen design, but there are also several other benefits. First, the anti-rust properties of copper make the material an ideal choice for the kitchen, since sinks are rarely completely dry.

Additionally, there is no special approach necessary for cleaning them – clean a copper sink just like any other. In fact, copper contains several antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria in a matter of hours, as opposed to traditional sink materials that can foster a rich bacterial environment for weeks if not cleaned properly.

Other great places to put copper in your kitchen might be:
  • Suspended range hood
  • Countertops
  • Refrigerator
  • Cabinet doors, or alternatively, door handles and drawer pulls

In the Bathroom
Copper sinks in the bathroom are lovely too, but what about a copper tub? In the vintage, claw-foot design, a copper tub and shower fixtures, sinks and drawer pulls can really turn your bathroom into an Italian-style oasis. Not to mention, there’s that anti-rust benefit and the antimicrobial properties that make copper a great fit for the bathroom.  

Design Options
Not only is copper pleasing to the eye, but, unlike many other materials, you can choose from a variety of styles to get the exact look you desire for your room. If you want a little more bling in your style, consider a smooth, shiny finish. If the look you want is a little more vintage, consider brushed or hammered copper.

You can even find copper sinks and tubs with etched designs and tones. Have the copper coated (or frequently use a light wax coating) to preserve that rich, red-brown color, or you can have it exposed to water and air to form patina designs in blues, greens and yellows.

Copper is known to have a “living finish,” which means that how it looks over time can’t be controlled entirely. It will age and it will react to acids that come in contact with it (for example, lemon juice, pineapple, tomato and vinegar will damage a patina finish). So, while it’s stunningly beautiful, if you’re looking for perfection, copper may not be for you. But if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind accent to your kitchen or bathroom renovation, HA Construction is happy to add copper accents of your choosing to the final design.