Larry & Kathleen's Bathroom Renovations

Posted: 01/13/2015

HA Construction can be found so frequently at Larry and Kathleen’s home, that an unsuspecting neighbor might think that Andy and his crew moved in. In truth, Larry and Kathleen just really love the work the HA Construction team does and have need of several updated renovations to their home. The latest completed project was redoing the master and guest bathrooms.

The glass-encased walk-in shower in the master bathroom provides a spacious and soothing shower experience. The double-vanity has plenty of storage and mirrors that certainly catch the eye. Larry and Kathleen also had heated floors installed in the master bathroom. If you’re thinking about doing the same, Larry notes that it costs about $7 a month to keep the tile nice and toasty.

While the update in the guest bathroom is simpler, the new cabinetry, counters, fixtures and mirrors provide a crisp, modern appeal.