Fred & Sharon's Renovated Kitchen

Posted: 01/06/2015

Fred, a metals artist, had had enough of the sea of red wallpaper in his kitchen. Not to mention the outdated fixtures and counters. Fred enjoys finding new beauty in old things – creating sculptures from old silverware and other upcycled materials. However, the kitchen, as well as the adjacent laundry and half-bath, of his Fremont Hills home needed to be completely overhauled  -- nothing in these outdated rooms was worth making an artistic statement.

One of the standout elements of the new kitchen design Andy and his HA Construction team did for Fred and his wife, Sharon, are the granite countertops with a stunning  design/color. The contrasting lines and textures of the counters and cabinetry are one of Andy’s favorite elements. The beautiful shelf window over the kitchen sink also stands out, providing a great view and plenty of sunlight for some lovely houseplants.

As Fred explains it, the half-bath in its previous state was nothing more than a closet you could barely turn around in. It now has space enough to do a salsa dance… space which may later house a shower to finish the bathroom off. For now, Fred is happy with the new, spacious comfort it provides.

Fred also raves about the excellent work HA Construction did overall with this project. They were timely and efficient, two characteristics that Fred sincerely appreciates. And, he and Sharon are, of course, very pleased with the finished product.