About Us

I have been in construction since I was 12 years old. Seriously. My younger brother and I helped my father build our family home. (By the way, my folks still live there 30 years later.) The following year, I started my own service company for a summer job. Motored by my ten-speed bicycle, I went door to door completing odd jobs for $2 an hour in my grandmother's retirement neighborhood. Sadly, my booming business had to close at the end of the summer when it was time to return to school.

As a grown-up business owner, I started H.A. Construction Design as a service company specializing in restaurant repairs. We worked for restaurants large and small (including chain restaurants like Shorty Small's, Carlos O'Kelly's, Zio's and Cheddars) on all sizes of projects. We painted walls, repaired and replaced tile floors, tables and equipment, as well as overall restaurant remodeling. We traveled throughout Southwest Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. With a desire to travel less and work more normal hours, we transitioned our company into commercial and residential construction and remodeling.

We would love to put our extensive experience (and good attitudes) to work for you. So tell us about your project! Upfront, we will give you a complete explanation of everything we'll do from start to finish. We will share our ideas and suggestions. Our bid will be clearly defined and easy to understand. You will know exactly what you are paying for. We think you will like our process: transparency, organization and attention to detail.